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Profile’s leading-edge payroll payment solution is based on Integrate software developed by Profile Corporate Service’s founder and MD, David Brown.


Profile Integrate addresses the major challenges that payroll departments experience monthly. It ensures that payments are accurate and timeous. It has become a trusted payroll payment software brand that reduces payroll administration time, boosts accuracy and maximises efficiency. Strong relationships with South Africa’s banking sector have enabled Profile to keep the cost of electronic fund transfers (EFTs) down and offer clients a cost-effective solution. Through the combination of leading-edge technology and solid client service history, Profile is both a service provider and partner to clients. By making payroll payments simple and seamless, payroll administration teams are able to focus on the primary mandates of the payroll function, and in turn, the company can focus on its core business. 



Includes medical aid, employee benefits, etc. Profile prevents delayed payments, ensuring penalties and interest are minimised. Profile ensures that Third-Party deductions are paid and provide schedules in the formats required. 




Includes individual, salary and wage payments. Administration time and human error is minimised. The Profile solution addresses companies that are spread over different sites. Profile also identifies issues such as bank account changes or duplicate bank account numbers. Profile Integrate allows the user to stop salary payments up to 12h00 the day before payday where necessary.



Emoluments Attachment Orders place a tremendous administrative burden on the payroll department. Employers face threats of warrants of execution while employees are debited with unnecessary costs if payments are not made timeously. Profile reconciles Garnishee Orders to magistrates and creditors, reconciles and synchronises payments and send schedules to creditors. Profile minimises administration tasks thereby reducing penalties and legal fees.This system is transparent, secure and easily audited. 



SARS (AA88 and EMP201) 

The implementation of AA88’s by SARS places a onerous burden on the Employer making the identification, deduction and payment thereof an extremely intense administrative function. Profile Integrate seamlessly pays the AA88’s on behalf of the employer via SARS e-Filing. Using SARS e-Filing means that proof of payment can be verified and is maintained for years on the SARS system. Profile also pays EMP201’s  via SARS e-Filing.

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